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Welcome to my online studio!

Feel free to explore my collections and get to know a bit more about my designs!

My latest adventure has been designing a cracker fire pit to stand around with all my mates.

After a few proto types and a bunch of good partys i came up with this.


About Jeramie

Where most of us see a block of wood, a collection of seed pods or a sheet of copper, Jeramie sees potential. He sees a story, a message and a whole new form, shape and structure.

Elize StrydomCoast Beat Magazine

The result of Scahill’s craftsmanship and dedication to high quality design is a sleek and polished work of art that brings beauty and style to the fore.

Caitlyn EyreAssistant Curator at JamFactory Contemporary Craft & Design

Jeramie is one of the most exciting designers on the coast. Pushing the boundaries of every medium he works with. He’s one to keep an eye on!

Jude McBeanDirector of Grafton Regional Gallery

Design Experience

With over 30 years experience designing and making jewellery and sculpture, I feel i've formed a truely unique style that has led me down many rabbit holes.

As a master silversmith driven by a wild imagination, I tried my hand at sculpting and fell in love. My public pieces can be found around my home town of coffs harbour. Some of my major pieces have ended up in Bondi's "Sculpture By The Sea" and in private collections.

Bouncing between jewellery and sculpture has given me a unique skill set and an eye for beautiful curves.

"The line between sculpture and jewellery is very blurry for me."

- Jeramie


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