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Get To Know Jeramie

Get To Know Jeramie

At this historic point in time for me, I guess it’s the best time to introduce myself. From the age of seven, I knew I wanted to be an artist and that’s been my life’s ambition ever since. At fourteen I learnt to cut opals and quickly moved on to making jewellery, by the time I was in my twenties I was experimenting with sculpture. Sometimes I think it's like a disease, as it's all I can focus on. I dream about designs at night and spend my days making anything that takes my passion. It’s a whirlwind of exciting ideas and processes always experimenting with new mediums never resting on the one idea too long. From casting bronzes to blacksmithing and then on to casting cement only to jump into welding stainless steel and carving timber.

Throughout my whole journey though, its jewellery and silversmithing that has stayed as a regular passion. The mediums are beautiful to work with and sitting at my little workbench surrounded by tools and shiny things while I focus on my fingertips and create little delightful things. Over the last ten years, I tried to focus my designs to start to develop a collection. With a short attention span, I was only able to keep it down to three and made myself keep all the other ideas in my sketchbooks for the future. So here are the three, SALT, EARTH, and CLASSIC.

There is still a fair few pieces of each of these collections to add to the website and it won’t be long till we introduce them to you. Soon I get the great opportunity to grab the sketchbooks out and play with a million great ideas and show you the results. I've got a great men’s collection on the way and I'm developing a petite range for the tiny ladies as well as adventuring into gold. The future is looking like a lot of fun thanks to my two beautiful kids who are now my business partners. Pulling our skill set together puts all the jigsaw in place. Its been a pleasure to introduce myself and to have you on our journey, I hope you enjoy the ride as much as we are.



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