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From the first time I ever saw a jewellers bench I knew I wanted to spend lots of time sitting there making tiny things. It’s a lovely little space with little tools surrounded by delightful little things.

Everything is within reaching distance and lives in a space of its own. A nice bright light focused on your bench pin, close enough to feel its warmth, shedding its light right where I’m working. Sitting down at this workbench feels like entering a cubby house, the rest of the world seems to disappear. All your attention gets drawn to your bench pin, a small slab of hard wood right at your fingertips that’s been cut and filed into a shape that caters for every little job at every little angle. Covered in silver filings that glitter in the light that spreads out around its surroundings. A myriad of little treasures and works in progress. Pearls and jump-rings, burrs and drill bits, Hallmarks and files all placed close by for when they’re needed.

Directly below my bench pin is a slide out tray that sits above my lap. Into this falls all my precious metal filings and bits and pieces I drop when things get too hot and too small. This is my space to keep my larger tools like sandpaper sticks and a collection of different hammers for different jobs. Files and jigs, patterns and a current sketch book often end up in this little space of bedlam.

There is no place nicer on a cold day, snuggled into this workspace with the fire burning and my favourite tunes on. My whole focus on my fingertips as I watch a fragment of my imagination turn into reality.

This is the birthplace of every single piece of jewellery i’ve made including the one you may already have or are about to own. It’s made in beautiful surroundings with good vibes and love by yours truly.

Cheers Jeramie

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