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Our Guarantee

Our Guarantee

You know a business meeting is done right when it begins with long nice-to-squeeze-you hugs and ends with a big pot of curry and crunchy poppadoms. Note books and sketches are carefully put aside to make room for the steaming ceramic pot, the warm spices filling the air around the table. Dad is as much an artist with his cooking as he is in every other aspect of his life. I was just thinking yesterday how nice it is to know someone who is so true to their soul - Jeramie is an artist at the most essential level, and he has never tried to deny himself that.

As our launch day draws closer our business meetings hold an air of anticipation. Me slightly anxious jotting things down on my to-do list, Cas cool and calm with the large and complicated job of website development shining deep in his eyes, Dad trying to listen to my explanation of taxes, his imagination pulled like a magnet to a new bangle design he'd been mulling over. "A rounded curve for a soft quality feel.. ooh, oxidised silver..."

Cas brought up the topic of our returns and warranty policies and we fell into a thoughtful silence as we each tried to think through our options. Fairly soon dad dropped in confidently, "I like our lifetime guarantee." We blinked with slight surprise and an automatic scepticism, having just thought about the potential risks of such a long term warranty. My doubts dissipated as he continued his reasoning. He had just recently had a woman contact him about a necklace she had worn nearly every day for the last ten years. It was her very favourite piece of jewellery and it was breaking her heart to see it beginning to look too over loved. She was wondering how much it might cost to get it refreshed.

Tree Pendant on Leather Thonging

When dad feels something deeply, he subconsciously touches his hand to his heart, and he did this now with warmth in his eyes. 'It felt so nice to be able to offer her that service for free, and then to see an old piece again after ten years of hard wearing." He had given it a polish up and some new rubber, and posted it back to its owner looking completely refreshed.

It was then I realised how important it was to him to stand by his workmanship and design, and also to keep a close connection with the community that loves his jewellery. It was essential not to lose that in the re-branding. So with that warmth in our hearts we developed our returns and warranty policies, and before the rice had finished cooking, my notebook had accumulated the following:

  • Returns due to change-of-mind can be made within 30 days of purchase for exchange or a refund of store credit. We understand the hesitation of buying online - you want to make sure it suits you and feels nice to wear. If you're buying a gift for someone perhaps they actually wanted the long earrings, not the short ones. Feel free to request a switch, we want to equip you with jewellery you will love everyday.
  • Returns due to defect can be made within 30 days of purchase and receive immediate replacement or refund, with postage paid. This has never happened due to the handmade nature of production and quality control inside the workshop. Our postage is insured so if its damaged in transit we can have a new one on its way to you ASAP.
  • Each piece has a lifetime guarantee on craftsmanship. Jeramie stands behind his work and design, so in the unlikely occurrence that something fails, let us know and post it to the workshop so we can fix it and return it to you good as new. Once you fall in love with a piece of JeramieByDesign you are basically family, we've got your back when it comes to your go-to pieces.
  • We offer a free refresh - if your piece starts to look unloved, or just needs a thorough cleaning, send it in so we can breathe life back into it and get it back in action.

As we dug into our hot bowls of curry that night, we all felt a sense of accomplishment and excitement for the future. I feel there are rare moments in life that every member of a group can feel truly happy, and that night was one of them, gathered around that table, with the memory of a necklace that was well loved and so many more to come.

Here's to Family and Food!

Best Wishes to all you wonderful art collectors,

Love Jess


Sep 05, 2020

To Family & Food! Yay!


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