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Plant-A-Tree Program

What does Carbon Neutral mean?

Carbon neutral is when the net greenhouse gas emissions associated with an activity are cancelled out or negated through the purchase of carbon offset units.

How to keep your jewellery Carbon Neutral 

There are a few inescapable processes ( even in a family run, Australian, environmental jewellery brand) that emit greenhouse gasses. Every business has an environmental and ethical impact.

Although we haven't figured out how to get around all of these yet we have decided to try and offset our emissions by supporting Ecologi and their tree planting program.

With every piece of jewellery sold, Ecologi will plant a tree in a important rehabilitation area. This offsets any carbon released during the life of your jewellery.

100% Recycled Silver Jewellery

What is recycled sterling silver and how is it made?

Recycled sterling silver metals have come from scrap metals from jewellers and hobbyists, old photographic material or from various industrial users of precious metals. This is then refined back to pure silver. This means no mining was required.

JeramieByDesign and recycled silver

Materials are usually the area that fashion drops the environmental ball but not us. Sourcing all of our metals from A&E Metals we have to ability to use 100% recycled silver in our entire range. This allows us to completely remove ourselves from silver mining and reuse the silver already in circulation.


100% Compostable Packaging 

What is compostable packaging?

Packaging materials can be certified ‘Home Compostable’ if they conform to the Australian Standard AS 5810-2010.

Certified Compostable materials must meet the following four criteria:

  1. Biodegradability – Determined by measuring the amount of CO2 produced over a certain time period by the biodegrading plastic.
  2. Disintegration – Measured by sieving the material to determine the biodegraded size and that less than 10% remains on a 2mm screen within a certain number of days.
  3. Eco-Toxicity – Measured by testing the concentrations of heavy metals to ensure that they are below the limits set by the standards and by testing plant growth by mixing the compost with soil in different concentrations and comparing plant growth in test and controlled compost samples.

Where to put compostable packaging?

Our entire packaging can be buried in the garden and forgotten about! ComPOST Packs are made from 100% biodegradable and compostable materials; corn starch, PLA and PBAT. PLA is a bio-based, biodegradable material made from re newable plant material. They will break down within 90 days in a compost environment in a non-toxic process. Yes, they’re fine in worm farms and will be broken down in a bokashi too.