FLAME By Jeramie


Artist Statement..

"I find myself staring into the fire. Perfectly framed."

Standing around an open fire one cold night I dreamed of designing
a fantastic fire pit. The challenge would be to add beauty to something already
beautiful. My brief was to design a sculpture first and foremost, but must be
also perfectly enhance a fire. This was the birth of the Flame fire pit.

Stable but movable they can be shuffled around so they end
up in the perfect spot. It could be in the middle of the lawn with everybody
and their mates (Don’t be bashful to load them up with wood, the bigger the
fire the bigger the fun). Or maybe its snuggled down around the fire pit with family
and crew. Sometimes it’s just nestled in the garden waiting for a fire.


Corten steel is ideal for outdoor architectural and landscaping projects. Often used for its aesthetics, Corten steel will exhibit a patina (rust) that provides a protective layer from corrosion. Corrosion is a big issue for other mild steels, which when exposed to heat, salt and water can eventually deterdeteriorate  completely.

Because of Corten steels protective layer, your FLAME fire pit sculpture will last you a lifetime corroding at a rate of approx. 0.1mm every 10 years. 1.6 thick equals at least 100 years of looking great.

Three sizes

Small 700w x 1100h - $1000

Medium 900w x 1300h - $1500

Large 1000w x 1500h - $2000

Local pick up or delivery available in the coffs harbour area

DIY Flatpacks - TBA

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